sunset power of a walk

The power of a walk

Why didn't I actually do these daily little walks more often? This is the question I am asking myself at this very moment, while I am standing up here on this little mountain hill not far from the village where I live and not for the first time this year, for 3 weeks I have been going for a little hike every day and here is what I noticed...

It’s fascinating, I’m standing all alone up here, the short climb to the summit I have not even noticed, marched up my own rhythm, stand without a soul at the highest point and enjoy the sweeping view over the island of Mallorca. The sun has just gone down and I ask myself again, why have I not given me this short daily timeout earlier to go into nature ?

It is a cold day on the island, and I am dressed warmly. In the golden hour just before sunset I hiked off, the colours on the land seem soft and harmonious. The initial walk past a few fincas with sheep, donkeys and goats leads at some point in a small path from which the short climb begins and is now a little more exhausting, now my body is finally challenged, the muscles in my legs are working at full speed and I notice how I get warmer.

A little later I am then at the top and feel very intensely my heartbeat, my breathing, even my entire circulatory system seems to be at work, while I just dream to myself and enjoy the view in the evening red with its last rays of light and the intense colours. For a short moment I am completely away, feel a strong energy in me that fills me with power. It is a wonderful moment that I could not perceive more deeply.

I drift off and it seems to me that in this moment I think of nothing, all the daily hustle and bustle, worries and problems are gone for a breath, as if they don’t even exist. It is like a drug, I feel the wind in my face, hear the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the birds, smell the nature and although it is cold, I do not freeze.

And then suddenly silence, nothing but silence! I stare one last time into the evening glow and slowly make my way home, it is already almost dark, carefully I descend the path again and concentrate step by step, my thoughts come back slowly, but now they seem more orderly and structured. The turbulence that still dominated me during the day is no longer there, new thoughts flow through my head, but these now feel different, somehow lighter…

At the end of my little journey, I realize again that going out into nature has always been healing for me, I had lost it a bit for a while and I’m glad I’m rediscovering it for myself now. Small hikes or walks don’t cost a dime, just a little push to get up. It always shows me how essential it is to move, to be in the fresh air, to switch off and recharge my batteries.

Maybe you sometimes feel the same way as I do?



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