The 6 magic Pilates principles that will change your life

Pilates is more than just a form of exercising, I have seen many clients but also teachers who have something that others don’t have.

I have been practicing Pilates for many years, after becoming an instructor I realized interesting changes in my body but also my mind, I knew about the Pilates principles before, but never understood whats really behind is what I figured out:

Breathing is the key to human life, yet it is often taken for granted. When we consciously think about breathing, we assume that we control this process, when we do not think about it, we breathe anyway. However, due to stress we often breathe too shallow and absorb less oxygen than our lungs are able to absorb, this can damage our health.
Pilates is a holistic training for body, soul and spirit. Deep breathing reduces stress and provides the fuel for our body. The specific lateral breathing in Pilates keeps the muscles in the pelvic floor and abdomen active and strengthens the deepest muscles around our spine.

How well do we know our body, how often do we expect of it too much or too little? Regardless of whether we overwork, overburden or not challenged, we spend too little time with ourselves, do not listen to warning signals and lose control over many of our fundamental areas of life. In Pilates training, awareness is stimulated to regain control over the body. Control helps us to perform an action and to learn a finer motor skills with the optimal use of muscle power. Control your body and learn to use it optimally, be it with everyday life or with training.

Concentration is a challenge in our fast-moving and excess information world. Focusing attention on a single target without distraction encourages and stimulates Pilates training. The previous visualization of an exercise is the interface between our mind and body, thereby commands of the brain are passed on to the muscles, which allows a clean and correct execution according to the current level of performance. High concentration allows controlled actions or exercises.

The centering can have several meanings, on the one hand we speak of finding our center or to be balanced, everyone knows the situations in the life in which one moves away from this balance too fast by certain stress situations. In the Pilates training centering refers to the center of the body, the so-called “Powerhouse”, an interaction of abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. A strong center helps us to go through life with attitude and to be prepared for the daily challenges, mentally and physically.

Precision is the essential difference between Pilates and many other forms of training. Precision requires learning processes, the body is correctly aligned, one understands the interaction of the muscles and their execution possibilities. The more precise you work, the closer the objective moves and the greater the benefit you get.

Flow is a mental state in which a person is completely devoted to a thing one is currently doing. Through the deep breathing, the strengthened center of the body, the regained control, the visualization of his goals and the precise approach to his life’s tasks, the feeling of flow arises, nothing appears impossible, the mental and physical attitude of life runs smoothly through every single cell of the organism and harmonize body and mind.


The implementation of the Pilates principles, whether in everyday life or during the workout, can be seen differently for each person. In the end, it is up to each one to get the most out of this training method, whether it is the purely physical aspect for one or the mental effect for others.



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