The 4 Vitality rules

Many people wonder how they can gain more vitality and energy.

In today’s world, it is all about performance, success and recognition. We are often overwhelmed with it and don’t know how to manage it. Many lose the feeling to their own body and no longer know what it needs or what it just misses.

So the question is, how can we create new life force in a world where the body and mind are no longer in harmony ?

How important exercise and endurance training for the human organism are, are always proving new studies. Active people not only gain additional years of life but also get more energy and additional quality of life on a daily basis. Exercise improves the oxygen supply of our body as the lungs absorb larger amounts of air through deeper breaths. Exercise improves the cardio vascular system as the volume of the heart increases and thus becomes more efficient. Movement ensures better blood circulation and strengthens the muscles and joints. On top of that regular exercising promotes a good night sleep and keeps you lean as it stimulates your metabolism and the burning of unnecessary pounds.

We summarize, exercise increases the overall well-being, each of us has experienced this feeling of happiness right after or during endurance training .

You have only one body in which you live in, take care of it !

In addition to movement, a healthy and strong body posture contributes to our personal body feeling. Our spine is not designed for sitting. Regular sitting either at work or at home on the sofa is certainly not healthy for the back. A good posture is the key to the flow of energy in the body and the risk of neck and back pain is reduced. Did you know that the stress that weighs on our spine in a sitting position is twice as high than in a standing position ? The intervertebral discs are not supplied through the bloodstream, they are fed through movement and compression and thus become more resistant and supple.

Pilates can provide a strong support for a good body posture and it slows down the aging process of the spine.

A good body posture reduces both physical and mental stress.

Learn more about Pilates here -> WHAT IS PILATES

Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you now what to eat and what to avoid ! Nutrition is a very individual topic. We want to enjoy the food and not torture ourselves with it.

Nevertheless, the search for food is a primal instinct as we take our life force and energy from the food and should therefore deal with this essential topic.

Plant energy is transformed into human energy. This transformation is activated with our daily food intake and absorbed in the gastrointestinal passage into macro nutrients (Fats, Carbs, Proteins), Micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These nutrients have all various tasks, they are for instance building substance, they form protection and regulator substances, but they are primarily energy supplier !
The fuel for the transformation of energy is the oxygen we get from the breathing air. Through the lungs we absorb the oxygen and lead it into the blood, the cardiovascular system transports it to the cell.
There are a number of vital nutrients that can not be synthesized by the body itself and therefore need to be constantly supplied with our food. Make sure you include those into your daily eating routine –> 5 Nutrients that are vital for you

Learn more about nutrition here FREE Nutritional Consulting

The power of our emotions, what does that even mean? If you have been able to read until here, you are also ready to confront the meaning of the emotional flow of energy.
Exercise, body posture and nutrition are important everyday companions and disciplines that bring us balance and energy. But why is it important to also observe our emotions to get into balance?

There is a force that is stronger than the metabolic and cellular processes that we all know, it accompanies us our entire life and is always present. It has many names, such as love, passion, devotion, goodness of heart, affection – it is a power that is stronger than we can even imagine, it allows things to rise to a higher self and let see the world as a whole connection in which we all have probably our own life task.

On the other hand there is the hatred or ignorance that is present in us and our society, the difficulty is that chronic negativism consumes much of our vitality, it makes life difficult, obscures the viewpoint and robs us and other people a lot of energy.

In our daily hustle and bustle, we should make it our duty again and take our time to trust in the power of feelings, this power determines our whole life, it allows us to grow and live within the flow, but it also warns us against danger, stress and inner defects. It is a measuring device of our current status.

If you are on the right path, you can only find out for yourself, sometimes it’s better to let things go, to give confidence, to turn to oneself, to find moments of silence and not to control everything. The recipe for success often lies in trusting others to create new spaces for your own personal development.

The more you give it away, the more it comes back!

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