The History

About Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates, who believed that mental and physical health are strongly connected.

He himself called his training method “Contrology”, which he taught with holistic mats training or with specially invented equipment.

Pilates worked individually and creatively. He created an individual exercise program for many of his customers and also developed new exercises for the relevant person. He practiced into old age and wrote books about his technique.


Joseph Hubert Pilates

born in Germany, emigrated to America after the war and opened his first studio where he trained dancers, competitive athletes and actors himself.

Pilates himself was a sickly child

and thus, early on he dealt with intensive training methods, which improved his own physical condition and which he later applied in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers in World War 1.

Pilates died 1967

in New York at the age of 83. His life's work was passed on and improved by students over the generations. Today about 11 million people worldwide practice Pilates and there are over 14,000 Pilates teachers.