Now reach your summer beach figure

Your individual nutrition plan

...adjusted to your personal goals !

The nutritional consultation in the preventive area is carried out according to the 4-step model, in which I analyse your current nutritional condition.

informing 25%
evaluation 50%
Implementation of recommendations 75%
check 100%

The four-stage model

Derived from this, we develop an individual nutrition plan tailored to your personal goals.

If you want to lose weight, reach your beach figure for the summer or simply eat healthier to improve your quality of life, I would like to help you to reach your goals and to get into the complex topic of nutrition and to understand connections better.



Would you like to…

Lose weight

or reach your beach figure for the summer?

This is how we proceed...

1. Obtaining information

During the initial consultation, we first determine your nutritional status with the help of a medical history sheet and a list of your current nutritional behavior and lifestyle habits.

2. Evaluation of the information

Nach Ermittlung des Ernährungszustandes werten wir die Informationen aus ( Soll / Ist Vergleich ) und leiten darauf basierend die Ernährungsempfehlungen bzw. Maßnahmen ab.

3. Implementation: implementation of the recommendations

Here your individual nutrition strategy will be implemented and integrated into your daily life, adjusted to your own rhythm.

4. Control and possible corrective measures

In this phase we carry out regular controls of the daily routines, correct if necessary and clarify your open questions.

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